Music from Sweet/Vicious: Season 1 Episode 8

Featured Artist: PartyBaby

K.Flay – Blood in the Cut (Aire Atlantica Remix)
Barton writes Brady’s name on the wall

Mura Masa – Love$ick
Ophelia is sure she can be both girlfriend and vigilante at the same time

Youngblood – Feel Alright
Evan says he’s doing the turtle trip tonight

Magic City Hippies – Heart Wants
Barton gives Brady a Panic Button, Miles helps Nate

Lisa Loeb – Stay
Nate brings signs of affection

Zhu – Generation Why
Evan unknowingly invites himself to a takedown

Madeon – Pay No Mind
Jules and Ophelia are here for Brady, Evan’s here for the party

Layne – I Got You
Harris is happy to go with Tyler to the Bacchanal

Chance the Rapper – All Night
Jules tries to lure Brady

MSMR – Painted
Jules sees Kennedy and confronts Tyler

Mission Control – CMD CTRL
J&O beat Brady

Skott – Porcelain
Jules loses contorl

Arizona – Cross My Mind
Veach gives Tyler info re: Carter. Tyler calls Jules to apologize. She is sleeping in library.

Luna Shadows – Cherry
Evan and Ophelia make up

Banks – To The Hilt
Nate loses his temper, Kennedy sees him for who he is

Party Baby – Everything’s All Right
Tyler lets Veach into the garage

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