Music from Sweet/Vicious: Season 1 Episode 6

Featured Artist: Billie Eilish



BORNS – American Money
Ophelia posts pictures of Jules & Tyler as cops go door to door

Daye Jack – Deep End
Jules & Ophelia are nervous and head upstairs

Jack Red – Coca
Nate sees the photo of Jules and Vinylton and looks outside

Phantogram – Run Run Blood
Jules tells Kennedy where her speakers are and lies

Childish Gambino – Bonfire
Ophelia bursts into Chase’s room and cuts him, police arrest him

Tove Lo – Crave
Jules & Tyler get it on. Flash of Nate and she leaves

Bangs – Nerves
Jules confronts Nate as Tyler sees the end of it

Elliot Moss – Highspeeds
Cops leave, Jules tells Tyler she can’t continue seeing him

Billie Eilish – Six Feet Under
End Montage

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