Music from Sweet/Vicious: Season 1 Episode 10

Featured Artist: Valerie Broussard


Tyler, The Creator – DEATHCAMP
Tyler watches lawyer commercial, remembers police interrogation

Magic Bronson – Monster
Jules has a plan to free Tyler with another bogus text message

Kaytranada – Drive Me Crazy
Jules reminds Ophelia the priority is getting Tyler free

Johan – High in the Woods
Kennedy watches friends give Nate a hard time

Alex Winston – Dead End
Ophelia found a pedophile for doctored text

Roosevelt – Teardrops
Kennedy watches friends give Nate a hard time

Layne – Topical
Jules tries to talk to Kennedy about Nate stuff

Grouplove – Cannonball
Brothers will stand by Nate

Lostboycrow – Powers
Jules & Tyler talk about vigilantes, girls tell them Nate got kicked out of Omega Theta

Captain Cuts – Love Like We Used To
Vigilantes fight Nate and his brothers

Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack
Vigilantes visit Miles, he tells them to find Shelby

Grace – You Don’t Own Me
Nate’s MVP Ceremony is interrupted by a video from vigilantes, text alerts send to everyone

Liv Dawson – Tapestry
Kennedy breaks down, Jules comforts her

Hozier – Cherry Wine
Tyler tells Jules he loves her

Valerie Broussard – Trouble
Tyler finds pink backpack fabric

Dragonette – Royal Blues
Girls prepare for rally, Kennedy gets a phone call about an internship, Harris photos the vigilante file, and the virtual rape wall goes live

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