Music from Snooki & JWOWW: Season 4, Episode 5

Snooki & JWOWW
Featured Artist: Wild Party

Wild Party

Icona Pop – “I Love It”
Theme Song

Wild Party – “When I Get Older”
Scenic shots outside Jenni, Roger and baby Meilani’s welcom home party

Imaginary Johnny – “Summer Day Dream”
Jenni feeds Meilani

3Theory – “Qwirky Lullaby”
Roger hugs Jenni and the baby in bed

Cardia – “Blown Away”
Roger feels very close to Jenni and happy to be a Dad

The Radishes – “He Believes”
Roger heads to get a haircut

Wild Party – “Outright”
Snooki goes to hang with Meilani

The Skylarks – “Deeper Sleep”
Snooki and Jenni head to get their nails done

Wild Party – “New Light”
Snooki opens gifts at her bridal shower

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