Music From Snooki & Jwoww: Season 4, Episode 4

Snooki & JWOWW
Featured Artist: The Soft White Sixties


Icona Pop – “I Love It”
Theme Song

Marc Robillard – “Blown Away”
Jenni holds the baby while Roger has a sentimental moment about fatherhood

Imaginary Johnny – “Debutant”
Snooki can’t believe their wedding is coming up

Drew Davis – “Son of a Gun”
Roger’s father has a chat with his new grandaughter, Meilani

Tim Cullen – “Sunrise”
Snooki calls the babysitter so she can visit Jenni, Roger, and their new baby Meilani

The Lapdancers – “Still Here”
Jionni and Snooki arrive at the hospital

Emile Millar – “In Awe of You”
Snooki sees Meilani for the first time

Cardia – “I Want it Back”
Roger and Jenni talk about their new sleep schedule

The Soft White Sixties – “Lemon Squeezer”
Snooki and Lorenzo plan their day

Ghost in the Water  – “Wolf”
Beach montage while the Dr. comes to check on Jenni

Tim Cullen – “Your World”
Snooki, Jionni, and Lorenzo go out for lunch

The Soft White Sixties – “City Light”
Snooki asks Jionni to step into her office

Camcorder – “Charming Hunter”
Jenni and Roger wait in the hospital room, with their bags packed

Whosah “I’m the Bad Guy”
Roger puts Meilani in her baby basket

Whosah – “Better than Us”
Roger and Jenni take their first drive with Meilani in the car

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