Music from Snooki & JWOWW Season 3, Episode 4

Snooki & JWOWW 

Featured Artist: Barely Blind


Icona Pop – “I Love It”

Appomattox – “See Ya”

Jionni tells Snooki not to talk inappropriately in front of Lorenzo.

Barely Blind – “Inner Child”
Previously On

Silver Street Saints – “Fab Four”
Snooki prepares for dinner

Swimm – “Too Old”
Snooki picks up Jenni for their road trip

Barely Blind – “Inner Child”
Snooki and Jenni talk about their health issues

Punchline – “Universe”
Snooki and Jenni go to the club

Annelise Collette – “Atom Bomb”
Snooki and Jenni dance at the club

Alan T – “Swish And Twirl (Alexander & Mark VDH Club Mix)
Jenni gets tired at the club

Punchline – “21 Forever”
Snooki and Jenni eat brunch together

Joey Ryan & the Inks – “The Troubled Poet”
Jionni’s mom arrives at the house

The Gods of Macho – “Tear Myself Apart”
Roger arrives to pick up Jionni for their paintball day

Barely Blind – “Silver Lake”
Snooki and Jenni go gambling

Joey Ryan & the Inks – “Fare Thee Well, Poor Ghost”
Snooki and Jenni leave Atlantic City

The Mostly Ups – “It’s Gonna Get Loud”
Jionni and Roger race home to see Snooki and Jenni

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