Music from Snooki & JWOWW Season 3, Episode 5

Snooki & JWOWW 

Featured Artist: Sonia Rao

Sonia Rao

Icona PopI Love It
Theme SOng

Sonia RaoShe
Scene: Snooki and Jenni say good-bye to Danny.

Joey Ryan & The InksOf A Feather
Scene: Jionni is cooking while Lorenzo plays in the other room.

Andrea HamiltonWe Got You and Me
Scene: Snooki and Jenni talk about pregnancy.

Barely BlindThe Great White Buffalo
Scene: Jenni and Roger head to individual therapy sessions.

The PapermapsNobody Gets It
Scene: Snooki tells Lorenzo about how she met Jionni.

Black Swan RunnersBones
Scene: Jenni and Roger talk about adoption.

Barely BlindLove (Isn’t Everything)
Scene: Snooki and Jenni call “The Joeys.”

The ComposureThe One
Scene: The girls try on wedding dresses and “The Joeys” arrive to help out.

The Sun and the Sea: Heart of Stone
Scene: Snooki goes home and talks to Jionni about her dress.

Blue of ColorsYour Face
Scene: Roger talks about his relationship with Jenni.

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