Music from Snooki & JWOWW: Season 3, Episode 10 & 11

Snooki & JWOWW

Featured Artist: The Eastern Sea

eastern sea

Icona Pop – “I Love It”
Theme Song

Black Swan Runners – “Smart Kids”
Jenni plans a drag day with Snooki and the Joeys

The Mission Creeps – “Skeletons”
Jionni and Roger plan to go fishing

The Role Call – “Indestructible”
Jenni takes her dogs to the trainer

Ocha La Rocha – “I Feel It Too”
Jionni and Roger talk about kids

The Stunnz – “Maze Craze”
Jenni and Snooki get dressed up with the Joeys

X Roll – “Don’t Stop Yeah”
The group has a runway show

Techrepublic – “To The Limit”
The group gets silly

HardNox – “Fist Pump”
Everyone starts twerking

HardNox – “Going Out Tonight”
Jionni and Roger arrive home

Joe Kennedy – “Wavelength”
Jionni and Snooki go home

Amber Ojeda – “Insert Here”
Snooki goes to pick up her genetics test results

Harrison Hudson – “Turn it Up Or Turn It Off”
Snooki arrives home for the bbq

The Eastern Sea – “The Name”
Snooki and Jenni wait for their friends to arrive

Under Water – “Long and Winding Road”
Deena and her boyfriend, Chris, arrive

Sunny Side Up – “Plus One”
Snooki asks Sammi about getting engaged

Nudity – “Lite U Up”
Jenni talks about feeling wasted

Crimes! – “Wasted Me”
The group goes to the Beach Comber

Patrick Joseph – “Foot In The Door”
Jenni and Roger talk about pregnancy

Andy Dee “Backyard Moonshine”
Chris wins a stuffed animal for Lorenzo

Harrison Hudson – “Every Girl”
The group goes to get some food

Bora York – “Close Your Eyes”
The group wakes up after partying

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