Music from Snooki & JWOWW Season 2 Premiere


Featured Artist: White Arrows | follow: @WhiteArrows

 Snooki & JWOWW – Airdate: January 8, 2013

Icona Pop – I Love It

(Theme Song)

Fire In The Hamptons – I Met A Girl

(scene: Snooki talks about living with Jionni)

The Vacations – Before You Change Your Mind

(scene: Jenni talks about marriage)

The Dying Falls – Youth Goes Bad

(scene: Jenni talks about her friendship with Snooki)

Kari Kimmel – Perfect Day

(scene: Snooki talks about being pregnant)

White Arrows – Get Gone

(scene: Snooki and Jionni go baby shopping)

All Smiles – Friday Flying

(scene: Roger talks about work)

Stephanie Mabey – I Pushed The Button

(scene: Snooki goes to the dentist)

Catnaps – Alphabet Soup

(scene: Jionni talks about Snooki’s teeth)

The Royalty – Other Boys

(scene: Snooki talks about her baby shower)

The Handcuffs – Dirty Glitter

(scene: Snooki and Jenni go shopping)

The Electric Hearts – Be Mine

(scene: Jenni tries on clothes for the shower)

New Cassettes – Bite Your Lip

(scnee: Jenni greets her friends that arrive to watch the fight)

Fist Pump Nation – Party Like A Rockstar

(scene: Everyone is partying before the fight starts on TV)

The Blakes – Dark Is The Night

(scene: Jenni talks about the argument from the night before)

Village Psychic – Alright

(scene: Snooki talks about how she is feeling)

Private Parties – Victorious

(scene: Snooki and her mom arrive at the baby shower)

The Pass – Treatment Of The Sun

(scene: Snooki greets her guests at the shower)

Night Fevers– Call Me Crazy

(scene: Jionni and his pals go golfing)

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