Music from Snooki and JWOWW Episode 4 Season 2

 Featured Artist: Cameron | follow:  @CameronMusic1

Snooki & JWOWW – Airdate: January 29, 2013

Icona Pop – I Love It

(Theme Song)

Kari Kimmel – One Day You’ll Be Fine

(scene: While Snooki is in labor, friends and family wait)

Jonathan Stark – Comfort

(scene: Jionni reflects on memorable moments)

Noel Gourdin – Don’t You Wanna

(scene: Roger wakes to a surprise in the house)

Glowbug – Young America

(scene: Jenni talks about being tired)

Private Parties – Day Breaks

(scene: Jenni calls Snooki)

All Smiles – Short Change

(scene: Jenni talks about going to Maine)

Cameron – XOX

(scene: Jionni and Snooki look over Lorenzo)

Parker Theory – Look Back

(scene: Roger calls his Dad)

Dinner And A Suit – Too Late

(scene: Snooki and Jionni ask about feeding the baby)

Jamestown Story – Waste Another Day

(scene: Jionni talks about learning to be a parent)

The Blakes – That’s The End

(scene: The Doctor talks to Snooki and Jionni)

Private Parties – Get Up

(scene: Jenni and Roger wake up and get ready to leave)

Private Parties – Everything Goes Here

(scene: Jionni and Snooki talk to the lactaction consultant)

The Vacations – A Better Place

(scene: Roger and Jenni arrive in Maine)

Noel Gourdin – Foxxxy

(scene: Roger walks around in his pajamas)

Parker Theory – Build You A House

(scene: Snooki and Jionni arrive home with the baby)

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