Music from Slednecks: *Series Premiere*

Featured Artist: Gentlemen Hall


Heavy Young Heathens – “Maintain the Mountain”

The Wans – “I Like To Party”
Trevor talks about working in the airboat shop

Great Wolf – “Time To Go ”
Zeke arrives at the airboat shop

Hanni El Khatib – “Save Me”
Jackie, Kelly, Zeke and Trevor play on the airboat

The Sweeteners  – “Drive”
Jackie and Zeke leave the airboat shop and head home on the ATV

The Cheats – “Rack Em Up”
Everyone arrives at the glacier party

White Denim – “Pretty Green”
Haley talks about growing up in Alaska

Animal Eyes – “Bender”
Jackie and Sierra tease Hali about crushing on Zeke

Pretty Whores – “Teens Of USA”
Zeke wakeboards, while Kelly drives the airboat

The Dwarves – “Sluts of the USA”
Everyone at Jackie’s birthday party playing Alaskan quarters

Ferrier – “Fingers Crossed ”
Kelly pulls up in the airboat and meets Amber and Hali

Vic and Gab – “When You Walk Into The Room ”
Jackie’s dad comes to the party and meets everyone

Nik Freitas – “Finding Out ”
Hali agrees to go on a date with Zeke

Gentlemen Hall – “Lowlight ”
Everyone does the polar plunge

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