Music from Slednecks: Season 1, Episode 9

Featured Artist: The Orwells


Heavy Young Heathens – “Maintain the Mountain”

The Death Set – “It’s Another Day ”
Zeke, Kelly and Dylan get ready for water skipping

Pup  – “Reservoir”
Zeke takes his turn water skipping

The Fumes – “Let’s Go”
Dylan’s turn for water skipping is a major fail

1776 – “When You Go”
Trevor, Tosca, Kelly and Sam hang out playing around near the airboats

The Orwells – “Southern Comfort”
Trevor, Tosca, Kelly and Sam play Food Airboat Baseball

The Pass – “Sunny Day”
Jackie has fun at the Kotzebu festival

The Derelict Kicks – “It’s All About The Girls”
Dylan competes in the muck duck eating contest

Howlies – “Walk On Home”
Zeke gets ready Dog Sledding on the beach

Blackstrap – “The Bitter, The Sweet”
Zeke and Dylan dog sled on the beach

Parlor Hawk  – “Scars”
Trevor talks about bonding with Carl

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