Music From Slednecks: Season 1, Episode 4

Featured Artist: General Ghost 

general ghost

Heavy Young Heathens – “Maintain the Mountain”

The Delta Riggs – “Rah Rah Radio”
Everyone at the Bonfire

Apes  – “Helluva Time”
Big Mike drives the ATV and Zeke wakeboards

Ghost Knife – “Pixiedust ”
Dylan and Kelly drive to their new place

The Derelict Kicks – “It’s All About The Girls”
Dylan and Kelly check out their new house

Great Wolf – “Time To Go ”
Zeke teaches Sam how to do donuts

Cab 20 – “Stomp”
Kelly falls into the ice and loses Alaskan Roulette

The Goodluck Assembly  – “Volcanoes”
Trevor and Tosca go on a date

Philadelphia Grand Jury  – “Ready To Roll”
Everyone gets to Sam’s party

General Ghost  – “Give Me To The Waves”
Zeke and Amber hook up

Babe Youth feat. Crissy  – “Making Moves ”
Jackie finds out that Zeke and Amber are hooking up

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