Music From Slednecks: Season 1, Episode 18 *FINALE*

Featured Artist: Wildcat! Wildcat!


Heavy Young Heathens – “Maintain the Mountain”
Theme Song 

Cold Fur – “Pigs on Holiday”
Kelly and Dylan cook in the kitchen

Cab 20 – “Stomp”
Everyone starts preparing for summer

Terry Munday – “Super Surfer”
Trevor and Zeke drive to the lake

Wild Party – “Nicely Done”
Everyone’s parents come over for the BBQ

The Lions Rampant – “I’m A Riot”
Everyone gets ready for the rocket recliner

Gentlemen Hall – “Sail Into the Sun”
Everyone tries the rocket recliner

Unwed Teenage Mothers – “Nothing Will Ever Get Better”
Sam and Dylan try the rocket recliner

Toy Bombs – “Lose Myself”
Jackie is nervous about trying the rocket recliner

The Weeks – “Buttons”
Tosca drives off, upset

Luftshansia – “All Things Fade”
Trevor tells Tosca his decision about California

The Death Set – “Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap”
Mike drives the big truck

The Riverboat Gamblers – “Victory Lap”
Kelly and Sam surf on the back of the truck

Last Days of April – “No Time for Dreams”
Leonard gives advice to Trevor

The Cheats – “Do It Again”
Tosca arrives at the bonfire

Moostache – “Today”
Tosca talks to Jackie about Trevor

Dana Buoy – “Call To Be”
Jackie tells everyone she has one more surprise

Wildcat! Wildcat! – “Halloway (Hey Love)”
Everyone lights lanterns

The Cinema – “Call It In The Air”
Trevor and Tosca tell everyone their news

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