Music From Slednecks: Season 1, Episode 15

Featured Artist: Twin Peaks

twin peaks

Heavy Young Heathens – “Maintain the Mountain”
Theme Song

Terravita – “Spicy by The Glass”
Zeke and Trevor cut down a tree

White Dynomite – “Cos I Said So”
Zeke long boards as Trevor drives the truck

BESTie – “Pineapple”
Big Mikes talks to the girls about Carla

Bonfires – “Die Young”
Tosca and her dad talk about moving in with Trevor

Toy Bombs – “Radio”
Big Mike gives Carla The Goat

Twin Peaks – “Making Breakfast”
Amber, Jackie, and Trevor talk about their living situation

Wildlife Control – “Ohai”
Tosca and Trevor have a paint fight

Sures – “The Night”
Everyone gets to the bonfire party

Duologue – “Snap Out of It”
Amber, Zeke, and Jackie get to the bonfire

Sounds Like Violence – “Were You Ever in Love With Me”
Amber talks about the bonfire

Twin Peaks – “Fade Away”
Everyone tries the fire pole

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