Music from Slednecks: Season 1, Episode 10

Featured Artist: The Orwells


Heavy Young Heathens – “Maintain the Mountain”
Theme Song

The Willowz – “Meet Your Demise”
Dylan takes a ride in the hamster wheel

Mighty Shakes – “We’re Coming For You ”
Trevor and Kelly talk about hooking up with Sierra

Los Waves – “Jupiter Blues”
Sierra gets to the Hot Tub party

Dixie Witch – “Red Song”
Sierra gets out of the hot tub and leaves the party

The Orwells  – “Dirty Sheets”
Sam rides her ATV to the caribou bbq

The Cheats – “Baby Won’t You Be My Baby Tonight”
Big Mike and dylan arrive at the bar for his big night out

The Ninjas – “Kill ‘Em All ”
Everyone at the Caibou BBQ

Dozer – “From Fire Fell”
Sam and Sierra Fight

Duologue – “Cut And Run”
Sierra storms out after the fight

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