Music From Siesta Key: Season 3, Episode 8

Siesta Key

    Featured Artists: Carlie Hanson & Madeon

Carly Rae Jepsen – Cut To The Feeling
Siesta Key theme song.

Carlie Hanson – Side Effects
Juliette recovers after the party.

Fairground Lights – I Can Do It Like That
Jared and his mom have lunch.

Animal Island– Gimme That Sunshine
Amanda and Chloe talk at the pool.

Youngr – Out Of My System
Jared and Jessica have lunch.

Madeon – All My Friends
Jared introduces Jessica to his friends.

Phinisey – Give Me Another
Jesica hears about Jareds ptsd.

Sam Tinnesz – Dead Man Walking
Jared wakes up at Jessica’s hotel.

Dave Not Dave ft. King Green – These Are My People
Alex’s club opens.

OneRepublic ft. Logic – Start Again
BG apologizes to Maddison.

The Outview – Bad Feeling
Grand opening party continues.

RUFUS DU SOL – Treat You Better
Alex apologizes to Alyssa.

CRMNL – Wicked As They Come
Juliette arrives at the bar.

Haydee – Ohkay
Kelsey arrives.

Jay Golden – Fangs
Kelsey and Jessica discuss Jared.


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