Music From Siesta Key: Season 2, Episode 5

Siesta Key
     Featured Artists: Alessia Cara, Arlie, DRAM, Rayelle  


Carly Rae Jepsen – Cut To The Feeling
Siesta Key theme song.

RETROVALLEY ft. Lord Lichens – Celebrate Summer
Alex’s family talk about the gala.

DRAM – Sundress
Pauly’s Grandmother comes to town.

PLS&TY ft. Cosmos & Creature – Good Vibes
Garret shows Cara his warehouse.

Max Frost – Good Morning
Canvas talks about her mom’s visit.

Rayelle –  Look At Me
Everyone gets ready for the Gala.

The Bangles – Walk Like An Egyptian
The gala begins.

The Lox – Money, Power, Respect
Pauly and his Grandmother arrive at the gala.

Cassio Monroe – The Party’s Right Here
The gala continues.

Alaina Cross – Backstabber (Who’s Laughing Now)
Cara and Chloe argue at the gala.

Anderson & Hawk – Bartender
Brandon and Pauly head out for a drink.

Frida Sundemo – Keep An Eye On Me
Kelsey and her Boyfriend talk at the Tiki bar.

Alessia Cara – A Little More
Canvas and Tawny talk about their relationship.

Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me
Kelsey and Jacob say goodbye at the airport.

Arlie – big fat mouth
Chloe at work.


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