Music From Siesta Key: Season 1, Episode 18

Siesta Key
     Featured Artist: Fall Out Boy & Miley Cyrus


Carly Rae Jepsen – Cut To The Feeling
Siesta Key theme song.

Upstate – Together
Friendsgiving party starts.

Wanderers – Queen Of The World
Garrett and Nicole arrive to the party.

Camila Cabello – Never Be The Same
Kelsey decides to go after Garrett.

The Americanos – Everyday (feat. DRAM & Kyle)
Madisson and Kelsey talk about their dates.

Fall Out Boy – Church
Brandon and Pauly talk about his show.

Astrid S – The Party’s Over
Kelsey and Garrett meet up at the Drynk.

BG – Away
Brandon performs his song for Madisson at The Drynk.

Post Malone – I Fall Apart
Madisson leaves Brandon’s show without talking to him.

Demi Lovato – Games
Alex leaves Juliette at the club.

Amy Shark – Deleted
Kelsey and Garrett talk on the beach.

Lulu Hand Grenade – Shotgun
Juliette and Alex talk to their friends about each other.

Anna Mae – Bring The Fire
Juliette shows up at Alex’s house.

Miley Cyrus – Miss You so Much
Juliette drives back to school upset about how things ended and we see the rest of the cast moving on with their lives.

Krigare – This Time
Brandon tries to talk to Madisson.


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