Music from Season 3 Teen Mom Finale

(artist: Tim Cullen)

Tonight is the Season Finale for Teen Mom Season 3. It’s been a very powerful season and the music throughout has been stellar. We hope you’ve discovered music that has had an impact on you personally. The artist behind the theme song you’ve heard every week is Tim Cullen. Enjoy the music and Thanks for Listening!

Teen MomAirdate: September 20, 2011

Imaginary Friend – Comes and Goes

(scene: Farrah Prepared for Sophia’s birthday)

Ian Love – Magic Ship

(scene: Ryan discusses Maci with his mom)

Dylan Champion – Celeste In Love

(scene: Amber talks about how she’s raising Leah)

Haim Mazar – Mama’s Cowboy

(scene: Maci picks up Bentley from Ryan’s house)

Andrew Belle – Signs of Life

(scene: Catelynn and Tyler discuss graduation)

Nick Tyler – Open Up

(scene: Farrah talks to her mom about moving)

Dylan Champion – Movin’ Out

(scene: Ryan talks to his dad about his relationship with Maci)

Solomon Snyder – Shadow Hills

(scene: Maci gets a text from Ryan)

Tim Cullen – Strength

(scene: Farrah drives around town with Sophia)

Scattered Trees – Silence is Musical

(scene: Macy puts Bentley to bed)

E for Explosion – This Is Me Being Honest

(scene: End Montage)

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