Music From Scrubbing In: Finale

Scrubbing In

Featured Artist: The Ceremonies


Gavin – “Foolish”
Act Open: Chris, Ty and Adrian talk about last night

Kyven – “Go So Wrong”
Group packs up and leaves Palm Springs

OK Sweetheart – “Home”
Van rides back to Costa Mesa

Bravestation – “Marble Sky”
Heather gets advice from a patient / Adrian and Chris have lunch

Electric Valentine – “Too Close to the Sun”
Act Open

David Thomas Jones – “Diced Gold”
Transition to the girls at lunch

Telepathic Teddy Bear – “Say You Will”
Transition to Chelsey on the phone

Beat Radio – “Sleepwalking”
Act Open

Beat Radio – “The Best and the Brightest”
Michelle and Chelsey drive to the plastic surgeon

Cardiknox – “Technicolor Dreaming”
Michelle and Chelsey arrive at the office

Tiger Baby – “In Your Heart”
Transition to Heather on the phone with her mom

Tiger Love – “2”
Act Open

Indigovox – “Revenge”
Chelsea and Jeff argue about moving to California

The New F-O’s – “Feel Good”
Chelsey talks to crystal about staying in California / Guys are at the barber shop

Scarlet Tanager – “The Gold Couch”
Chelsey doesn’t expect a call back

Music You Can Swim To – “Scared of You”
Dalton is waiting at Heather’s apartment

The Black Moon Project – “Do You Call This Love”
The girls tell Fernando that Dalton is there / Fernando talks to Chris

Awake! Awake! – “Clever Spies”
Michelle and Adrian discuss his feelings for Heather

Nife – “Silence”
Dalton threatens Adrian and storms off

Clementine & The Galaxy – “Taken”
Dalton and Heather talk in the bathroom

N3XTST3P– “Heart of a Champion”
Act Open

The Ceremonies – “Nightlight”
The girls talk about Heather and Adrian / Dalton is upset

Nico Vega – “Lucky One”
Dalton leaves

16 Frames – “Change in the Weather”
Everyone’s last day

16 Frames – “Could of Been Anyone”
Hospitals say goodbye to the girls

Nico Vega – “Dance”
Act Open

Dinner and a Suit – “Ghosts”
Adrian and Chelsey talk about Heather

16 Frames – “Oh Yeah”
Michelle talks about being single and her life

Young London – “Where I Really Want to Go”
Act Open

Nadia Fay – “Possibilities”
The group gets ready to go to the beach

The Royal Concept – “27 Forever”
Everyone leaves for the beach

The Royal Concept – “On Our Way”
The girls talk about the summer and traveling again

Gedina – “Just Can’t Get Enough”
The group sets up a bonfire

Beat Radio – “Another Loveless Anthem”
Adrian and Heather talk – “Addict”
Adrian expresses his feelings

Brad Fillatre – “New Tattoo”
Heather walks away / The group sits by the bonfire

Nico Vega – “Protest Song”
Everyone reflects on the summer

Quiet Arrows – “Continents Were Made to Sink”
Chris and Ty leave / Michelle talks about what she’s learned

Natalie Taylor – “Back Together”
Heather talks about her future

Houses – “A Quiet Darkness”
Heather and Adrian talk

Toby Lightman – “Holding a Heart”
Heather and Adrian say goodbye / Pitt girls and Arian leave


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