Music from Scrubbing In: Episode 8

Scrubbing In

Featured Artist: Nico Vega

nico vega

Stella Project – “Down In Flames”
Act Open / Ty Goes through morning routine

Girls Love Shoes  – “Magical”
Transition to Chris and Fernando talking

Drooom – “Midnight March”
Fernando suggests a spa weekend / The group hangs out

Beat Radio – “Stranger Flowers”
Heather and Dalton video chat

The Ettes – “You Can’t Do That To Me”
Heather and Chris play chess / The girls and Fernando talk about Chris

Fetish – “People Say”
Fernando and Ty argue

Eikon  – “You Move Me”
Nikki comes to stop Fernando

Elaine Faye  – “Everyday Details”
Fernando decides to stay / Chris goes to talk to Ty

The Ettes – “Where Your Loyalties Lie”
Transition to girls’ room

Nico Vega  – “Fury Oh Fury”
Chris leaves the girls room and continues to cause a scene

N.E.P.H.E.W. – “Lights Camera Action”
Act Open / Chris tells the girls to leave

L’Anarchiste  – “Iron”
Adrian is upset with the way everyone is acting

Data Romance  – “Paper Thin”
Chris joins dinner / the group leaves

Houses – “What We Lost”
Act Open  / Chris and Adrian talk

Family Wagon – “Hard Times”
Heather explains why she came back / The rest of the group enters the bar

Stacy Clark  – “Everything’s Changing (ft. Andrew McMahon)”
The girls get drunk / Chris and Heather talk

Atlantic Line “Voyage Home”
Michelle is upset that heather is with Chris

Glowbug  – “Heatwave”
Skinny dipping

Johnny Astro  – “Lost In Mullan”
Skinny dipping in the hot tub

Janine the Machine  – “Animal”
Playing in the pool

JDP – “Tell No Lies”
Adrian and Heather are by the pool