Music from Scrubbing In: Episode 7

Scrubbing In

Featured Artist: Nico Vega

nico vega

The Darling Minds - “Wish You Were Here”
Transition to Heather and Nikki’s apartment

Emily King  – “Ordinary Heart”
Chris and Natalie together at the apartment

The Beatards - “This is For The…”
Heather and Nikki arrive at the race

Khristian B – “Reach Up”
Race begins

Bombs and Bottles - “Venom on Your Lips”
Act open

Fort Lean - “Perfect”
Heather and Nikki finish the race

Ciara C - “Dear Daphne”
Chris and Natalie have the relationship talk

Vicious Vicious – “After Everything”
Transition to Chelsey and Crystal’s apartment

Shiny Toy Guns - “Carrie”
Transition to Ty talking about a patient

National Skyline - “Into Thin Air”
Transition to Heather’s apartment

Taxicab Racers - “Figment”
Heather vents her frustrations to Fernando

Belle Mare - “All This Time”
Heather is sick of being told she’s not excited about getting married

Bombs and Bottles - “Heartbeats”
Act open

Music You Can Swim To - “Perfectly Normal”
Chris says goodbye to Natalie

Bangs – “Nerves”
Ty and Dr. discuss a patient’s status

Tic Tic Boom! - “The Floodgate”
Transition to Adrian and Chris at lunch

Tiger Love – “Psycho Dance Party”
Transition to Chris and Adrian leaving work

Eikon - “Keep On Changing Us”
Act open / Chris gets home from work

A. Tone Da Priest - “Get Up & Go”
Chelsey and Crystal go shopping

Mereki  – “Blue Lake”
Fernando sits by Adrian at the pool

The Filthy Pillows - “The Stick Up”
Act open / Chelsey shows off her outfit

Cameron the Public - “XOX”
Ty changes over the hospital bed

Arveene & Misk - “I’m Ready”
Everyone moves into their rooms

Arveene & Misk  – “Looking at You”
The group dances

The DNC - “Dance (The Way it Moves) ft. Gigi”
The group heads to the observation deck

N.E.P.H.E.W. - “Nephgroove”
The group drinks on the deck

Nico Vega - “Witchy Night”
Adrian and Heather share a room

All Mankind - “I Am Only”
Apartment/Hospital montage

Curious – “Secrets and Lies”
Heather talks about Adrian


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