Music from Scrubbing In: Episode 6

Scrubbing In

Featured Artist: Hotel Cinema 

hote cinema

Clara C - “Loveprint”
Open: Fernando & Ty have breakfast

DJ Corbett - “See You Fly”
Ty is moving on from the fight / Chelsey wants Michelle to date

Meme - “Head Up High”
Hospital montage / Ty calls her sister

Evan P Donohue - “California Sunshine”
Transition to Chris and Veronica on a date

Glass Theory - “A Little Bit”
Act open / Girls have lunch

Stella Project - “All Systems Go”
Crystal asks for a guy’s name / transition to guys at dinner

Greek Fire – “Top of the World”
Transition back to Fernando and Chris’s apartment

Hotel Cinema - “Fire Escape”
Natalie agrees to come visit Chris

SpeakerHedz - “Big Talk”
Ty’s sister arrives

Ollie Gabriel - “One Big Heart”
Ty is excited to celebrate his birthday

SpeakerHedz - “Falling Fast”
Transition to hospital

Annelise Collette - “You Got Me Now”
Transition to Adrian and Chris having lunch

JDP  - “Live It Up”
Transition to Chris and Veronica at the park

Futurecop! - “Far Away (ft. My Tiger My Timing)”
Act open: Michelle is on a blind date

Young Mennace - “Daydream (ft. Keon Rogers)”
Transition to hospital

DJ Corbett - “First Time”
Playing billiards

Machines Are People Too - “The Fever”
Michelle’s date ends / Transition to Chelsey’s apartment

Stella Project - “Ready 2 Freak”
Chris is on the phone with Veronica / Veronica goes to Chris’s

The New F-O’s - “Be The One”
Act open

The Delta Fiasco - “Point Man”
Getting ready for Ty’s party

Phive - “Girls On Fire”
Everybody gets in the limo and heads to the club

Megha Maan & Jumpshot Jones - “Be There Tonight”
Everyone is dancing at the club

Impirio & Cru - “See That Girl”
Ty dances

D-KeL - “No Apologies”
Adrian and Heather dancing

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