Music from Scrubbing In: Episode 5

Scrubbing In

Featured Artist: Emily King

Emily King

The Royal ConceptD-D-Dance
Previously on

Bangs: Fakes
Scene: Adrian looks for Chris

Kari KimmelGet Me Back
Scene: Transition to Chelsey with patient.

Patrick SturrockLike A Supermodel
Scene: Chris approaches Veronica.

Telepathic Teddy BearLeave It All
Scene: Chris is interested in Veronica.

Scene: Chris invites group to cookout.

3D FriendsHow It Feels Now
Scene: Girls arrive at dress store.

We the CommitteeElephants
Scene: Heather is worried about planning the wedding.

Telepathic Teddy Bear: Time to Leave
Transition to apartments

We Cry DiamondsI Like It
Apartment montage

ReadyGoes: Complicated
Scene: Girls are having dinner.

Stephanie MabeyCope
Ty is upset that her friend aren’t with her.

Tiff JimberNever Gonna Stop
Opening act

A Day at the ParkIt’s a Beautiful Day
Scene: Chris talks to Veronica.

GlowbugMagic If
Apartment montage

Windsor DriveImpossibly
Scene: Chris kisses Veronica in car.

CC: Dress Me Up
Scene: Everyone heads to Laguna.

Antennas UpPretenders
Scene: Guys try on clothes.

RobotanistsThe Ghosts You’re Haunting
Scene: Girls try on clothes.

Cameron The PublicXOX
Scene: Ty is separating herself from the group.

The Ettes: Girls Are Mad
Scene: Adrian talks to Ty.

Emily KingOrdinary Heart
Scene: Adrian talks to Ty.

American Males: Camp
Opening Act

Air Traffic ControllerHurry, Hurry
Scene: Group gets ready for Del Mar.

TwirlMoney Talks
Opening Act

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