Music from Scrubbing In: Episode 4

Scrubbing In

Featured Artist: Shiny Toy Guns


Zyme: Party On The West Coast
Opening Scene

We Are / She IsSweet Melodies
Scene: The girls are having lunch.

You I NeedIn the Air
Scene: Chris and Fernando are treating patients.

DonwillLove Junkie
Scene: Girls are in Heather and Nikki’s apartment.

Mr. FantasticShort Term Memory
Scene: The girls are hanging out at home.

Elaine FayeGet Back Up
Opening Act

The CeremoniesStraw Hat
Scene: Drinks with Adrian’s dad and biker friends.

Shiny Toy GunsSomewhere to Hide
Scene: Bikers leave.

Tracy JohnsonCareless
Scene: Heather and Michelle talk about losing their dads.

The CinemaKill It
Opening Scene

The DNCFly High
Surfing Scene

Bone NationBlessted
Scene: Chris is trying to surf.

Just KaitI’m Out
Scene: Barbecue at Adrian’s.

CharlieI Wanna Bad Boy
Scene: Transition to Fernando / Chris’s apartment.

The CeremoniesWolfdance
Scene: Chris tries to hit on girls.

Ginger SlingThe Hard Road
Scene: Nikki wraps up her date and heads home.

Onili feat. Mani HoffmanSentimental
Opening Scene

Tiny VictoriesLost Weekend
Hospital Mongtage

Transition to Bar

Alyx: Sunshine
Scene: The group heads to the beach.

Type3 VampiresClubbed to Death
Scene: Everyone gets in the water.

Laura SteelOverdrive
Scene: The group pays the bill.

ManiacOur Darkest Hour
Scene: Chris and Fernando argue about alcohol.

Robotanists: Wait A Minute Here
Scene: Group drinks at hot tub and Fernando heads back to apartment.

N3XTST3P: We Fight
Scene: Chris packs his stuff.

Hermetic Delight: Heartbeat II
Scene: Chris and Ty argue; Chris leaves.