Music from Scrubbing In: Episode 3

Scrubbing In

Featured Artist: Nico Vega

Nico VegaJohn StephensYou’re All I Ever Wanted
Scene: Dalton proposes to Heather.

The Royal ConceptD-D-Dance
Scene: Heather and Dalton tell the group about their engagement.

Nico VegaLightning
Scene: Everyone congratulates Heather and Dalton.

EnvyParty Down
Scene: Party bus back home.

Bear ScoutLet It Go
Transition to apartment

Y LuvDriftin
Transition to Dalton leaving.

Natalie TaylorMove On
Opening Act

CuriousMeet Me In Vegas
Scene: Ty and Crystal at a café.

Robotanists: Getting By
Scene: Chelsey talks about not having enough time with patients.

Stella ProjectEasy Kill
Scene: Transition to hospital.

The DNCUr the Bomb
Scene: Girls decide on Catalina trip.

Pony Up!Feel It
Scene: Group heads to Catalina.

Bobby DubHell Yeah
Scene: The group lays out on the beach.

Sink To SeeFor the Last Time
Snorkeling scene

Astoria KingsGet Away
Scene: Group gets ice cream.

DJ CorbettBetter Day
Scene: Fernando and the girls celebrate.

Nico VegaLead to Light
Scene: Fernando starts first day.

Scene: Fernando excited to be back at the hospital.

Nikki LynetteModel in the Mirror
Scene: The girls give Nikki a make-over.

EnvyIt’s All Going Down Tonight
Scene: Group arrives at the bar.

Mark VDHTwo and A Half (Mark VDH Club Mix)
Scene: Nikki starts talking to a guy at the bar.

Mark VDHGet Into It (Alexander & Mark VDH 2010)
Scene: Nikki leaves with the guy from the bar.

3D FriendsBoyfriend
Scene: Girls talk about Crystal in the car.

JDP feat. RaquelTake Flight
Opening Act

Northrock 360Summer Livin’
Transitioning scene

Ozwald BozwaldWe Are The Stars
Scene: Group heads to Hollywood.

Kat CaponeRemember the Nights
Scene: Crystal’s birthday dinner.

J. Viewz feat. Kelli Scarr: Oh, Something Quiet
Scene: Crystal is upset.

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