Music from Scrubbing In: Episode 2

Scrubbing In

Featured Artist: Cardiknox


Stella ProjectBeautiful
Opening Scene

The Color BarsStructupoppie Rally
Scene: Chelsea and Heather are at a clothing store.

Marc RobillardContagious
Scene: Transition to hospital

Khleo ThomasSo Fly
Scene: Adrian and Chris leave work.

Atlantic Connection feat. Armanni ReignHypem
Scene: Girls get ready to go out.

Impirio & CruAll of the Girlz
Scene: Tyrice isn’t having fun.

Radical SomethingSay Yes
Scene: Transition to hot tub.

SomnousTake Your Places
Opening Act

Broken AnchorDear Diary
Scene: Fernando and Heather discuss their DUIs.

CardiknoxHold Me Down
Scene: Chelsea and Nikki discuss spray tanning.

CarrollLead Balloon
Scene: Heather gets her license approved.

The All WaysDirty Love
Scene: Chris finishes stitching up a patient.

GavinGood As Gold
Scene: Heather talks to Adrian.

I Am DiveIcy
Scene: Ty talks to Amber about her problems.

Daniel: I Believe
Scene: Heather starts at the hospital.

Scene: Ty starts eating dinner.

Winston Gilesa: Harder and Faster (Nadi Remix)
Scene: Michelle gets Ty and girls go to the club.

EsquilleMusica Electronica
Scene: Girls dancing.

Johnny AstroFkin Numb
Scene: Fernando at a gay bar.

Inlet SoundMagnetic North
Scene: Ty and Michelle get ready for bed.

MemeKnow Yourself
Scene: Ty goes to apologize to Adrian.

Clara CBrighter Days
Scene: Transition to Fernando calling Eddie.

Belle MareBoat of the Fragile Mind
Scene: Fernando talks to Eddie.

National SkylineI’ll Stay With You
Scene: Eddie agrees to visit.

AlyXShow You Mine
Opening Act

Stella Project: Bouncin’ Off The Walls
Scene: Ty starts working in labor and delivery.

Sarah OzelleBye Bye Baby
Scene: Transition to apartments.

Arveene & Misk: Much Better Disco
Scene: Girls get spray tanned.

National SkylineLetting Go
Scene: Dalton Arrives

KyvenCity Love
Opening Act

ManiacPride of Lions
Scene: Group is ready to leave.

SupafriendzZzGangsta Party
Scene: Group bus ride to the winery.

The JupesZoning When The Sun’s Out
Opening Act

Joanna JahnLife So Long
Scene: Dalton proposes to Heather.