Music from Scream: SERIES PREMIERE

Featured Artist: LIZ


Oliver North Boy Choir – “You & Me Against the World”
Series of screens on phones, tablets, computers of two girls making out.

Lowell – “Cloud 69”
Tyler’s car pulls up with Nina; she’s focused on her phone.

LIZ – “When I Rule The World”
Nina enters and greets Sage. Nina talks to Sage, puts on bikini and gets a Snapchat image of her changing.

REMMI – “Star Spangled”
Nina texts to and from Tyler. Nina screams and tries to call 911.

CAPPA ft. Almighty Chief – “Killin’ it”
Brooke, Will and Emma talk at a party. Audrey and Noah enter and as Brooke approaches, Audrey leaves. Kieran arrives.

Mansionair – “Hold Me Down”
Emma joins Audrey by the pool.

Bertie Blackman – “Beams”
Riley approaches Noah and asks about his picture in the paper.

Mulholland – “Before It All Falls Apart”
Noah, Riley, Jake, Kieran and others discuss slasher movies.

Incan Abraham – “Concorde”
Emma, Will, Brooke and Audrey talk about Nina.

Nightbox – “Burning”
Brooke and Riley talk and Riley notices lights on in the garage. Noah, Riley, Jake and others sit and talk by the fire.

Incan Abraham – “All You Want”
Emma enters the greenhouse and finds Kieran alone. They talk and they kiss.

Refs – “Pain Goes Away”
Kieran pulls up at Emma’s house and they see Sheriff Hudson with Maggie.

Verdigrls – “Feeling Nervous”
Audrey talks to Rachel on the phone. Killer is watching them from the shadows.

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