Music from Scream: SEASON 2 PREMIERE

Featured Artist: Keke Palmer


CanvasBeta – “Start a War”
Season 1 recap

That Poppy – “Money”
Source in a film playing at a movie theater where Audrey receives a test

The Sherman Family Singers – “The Lobby is the Place”
Audrey ushers a leftover moviegoer out the door//Audrey racey away from a killer

AYER – “Shotgun 2 My Heart”
The group discusses how to handle Emma before her arrival at Kieran’s house

Keke Palmer – “Figure You Out”
Brooke and Jake break into their high school swimming pool. Jake wants Brooke to be honest with her dad. Brooke breaks up with Jake

Daughter Jack – “Down in Flames”
Kieran and Emma get intimate. The song continues as Emma checks her scar in the bathroom mirror

Fickle Friends – “Say No More”
The group catches up to each other in the high school parking lot and head into class. Emma has a flashback

Pr0files – “Get It Up”
Emma and Brooke discuss the men in their lives

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