Music from Scream: Season 2, Episode 9

Featured Artist: Midnight To Monaco


Moonlight Breakfast – “Go Get It”
Noah and Zoe tear his room apart having sex.

MARKS – “The Modern Life”
Noah grabs a GoPro from his desk. The killer has been listening via the camera.

Embody – “Best Thing (feat. Paul Aiden)”
heard from outside Blessed Sisters Children’s Home. Emma and Kieran meet up with Noah and Zoe.

JAHKOY – “Still In Love (Digital Farm Animals Remix)”
Emma, Kieran, Noah and Zoe are shown the party invitation by a random partygoer. Song continues as Noah and Zoe walk through the party.

Midnight To Monaco – “One In A Million [Kant Remix]”
Kieran, Emma, Noah and Zoe make a plan. Hayley hands out masks as Emma questions her about the party.

Icona Pop – “Someone Who Can Dance”
Hayley puts the masks away and is attacked by the killer, Emma chases Audrey, Noah and Zoe flip the breakers, the lights go out and Kieran calls for Emma.

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