Music from Scream: Season 2, Episode 6

Featured Artist: Bishop Briggs


Aquillo – “Human”
Maggie tells Kieran Emma isn’t home, but Emma decides to talk to him

La Mar – “Dead Sea”
Aunt Tina hits on Quinn Maddox at a bar

MYZICA – “We Started a Fire”
Stavo tells Brooke that Branson was lying about his alibi

Novo Amor – “Anchor”
Stavo shows Audrey his artwork because he’s creating a graphic novel

Polarsets – “Leave Argentina”
Emma tries to drive away from her house but gets a flat tire

Bishop Briggs – “River”
Song plays in a hotel room where Brooke handcuffs Branson to the bed

Humans – “Cold Soba”
Stavo wears a Brandon James mask and takes photos of himself. Brooke comes to visit

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