Music from Scream: Season 2, Episode 3

Featured Artist: Cub Sport


Jamie Grant – “Runaway”
Emma meets with her dad

Yes You Are – “HGX”
Brooke tries to contact Jake. Zoe tries to make friends with Brooke at the Lady Of The Lake rehearsal in the high school auditorium

Cub Sport – “Come On Mess Me Up”
Zoe and Brooke talk about Noah when Brooke gets an unknown call from Mr. Branson

Sun Culture – Young Blood
Emma and Eli bump into each other and Emma gets a note from her dad

The Acorns – “Please Come Back”
Desk clerk is lured into a trap and killed at a rundown motel

The Owlsley Brothers – “Rotten On The Vine”
Emma discovers her dad is an alcoholic at a dive bar

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