Music from Scream: Season 2, Episode 2

Featured Artist: La Mar


Western Lows – “Slow Plane”
Quinn and Brooke try to mend their relationship

Leyya – “I’m Not There”
Kristin records the meeting between her and Emma. Emma spills her coffee after thinking she sees Piper

ADLT VDEO – “Break ft. Mindy Jones”
Emma confides in Kristin

Harry Shadow – “Flicker ft. Chi”
Brooke discovers several dozen roses on her car

Vok – “Waiting”
Brooke ditches her dad for Jake

La Mar – “Still Wild”
Emma and Kieran make love in Kieran’s car

Phlake – “Angel Zoo”
Emma and Kieran find out Kieran isn’t moving out of Lakewood

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