Music from Scream: Season 1, Episode 8

Featured Artist: REMMI


Hoodlem – “Through”
Plays over the previously on recap.

Atella – “The Monster”
A cleaned up Emma is questioned by Sheriff Hudson at the police station.

REMMI – “Capable”
Emma and Kieran talk about losing people. Piper’s voice over montage with people walking around Lakewood. Students pass Will’s locker.

Huntar – “Love I Know”
Emma spills at The Grindhouse and Piper helps her clean up.

In Waves – “Your Favorite Storm”
Man in a hat and coat watches Emma clean at The Grindhouse. Music starts and Emma sees bloody Will holding Riley’s keychain.

Rose Quartz – “Leaving Now”
Audrey and Noah arrange model robots and talk Mr. Branson theories at Nightmare Level Comics.

Jill Andrews – “No One”
We see two figures removing clothes behind the velvet curtain on the stage of the high school auditorium.

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