Music from Scream: Season 1, Episode 7

Featured Artist: machineheart


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MAALA – “Touch”
Plays over the “previously on” recap.

ON AN ON – “Drifting”
Maggie prepares food in the kitchen. Emma asks about her dad.

machineheart – “Set This Heart on Fire” (listen here)
Emma makes out with Kieran in the high school parking lot. Emma gets a text from Will.

Level & Tyson – “Calling Me Up”
Emma asks Noah to help her track Will’s phone at Nightmare Comics.

Lola Marsh – “Sirens”
Maggie, the sheriff and Kieran all sit down for dinner without Emma. Maggie wants to call Emma. Kieran leaves to pick up Emma.

George Ezra – “Spectacular Rival” (listen here)
The group escapes the bowling alley where the sheriff, Maggie, Kieran and Audrey meet to help them.

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