Music from Scream: Season 1, Episode 6

Featured Artist: Fleurie


Astronomyy – “U Make Me Feel Good”
Emma and Kieran lie in the grass. Emma asks to go back to Brandon James’ house. Emma and Kieran approach Brandon’s house with flashlights.

Astronomyy – “Things I’d Do For You”
Emma sees Maggie kiss Sheriff Hudson goodbye as he does the walk of shame out of the house.

APES – “Pull The Trigger”
Piper tries to get Will to help her by offering him help with Emma.

Bunnies On Ponies – “Bored out of My Brains”
Emma and Noah can’t bring themselves to smash Audrey’s SD card at Nightmare Level Comics and Collectibles. Emma gets a call from her mom.

Fleurie – “I Never Wanted”
Emma watches the footage of Audrey in her room. Maggie takes Emma to her childhood home.

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