Music from Scream: Season 1, Episode 4

Featured Artist: Phoebe Ryan


MS MR – “All The Things Lost”
Piper’s podcast plays. Emma and Brooke comfort each other. Audrey tries to comfort Noah who hasn’t changed his clothes from the previous night.

French For Rabbits – “Gone Gone Gone”
Will checks on Emma at The Grindhouse. Emma gets a call from Brooke.

Avec Sans – “When You Go”
Emma talks to Piper at The Grindhouse. Piper tells Emma the sheriff might not be the only scapegoat in the case.

The Pass – “The Future”
Audrey tries to stop Noah from drinking at work. Emma brings them the yearbook and shows them the clue.

Phoebe Ryan – “Mine”
Maddox tries to talk to Brooke and give her a gift from her mother. He gets a disturbing text and Brooke walks off.

Liz Longley – “Rescue My Heart”
Brooke is comforted by Jake at the lake.

MYZICA – “Wait Just a Minute”
Emma talks to Piper at The Grindhouse and tells her she should stay in town.

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