Music from Scream: Season 1, Episode 3

Featured Artist: Wet


KLOE – “Feel”
Brooke and Seth are video chatting.

Oh Wonder – “All We Do”
Audrey enters Rachel’s room and takes it all in.

Def Conz – “Wiggle It”
Jake and Will argue.

filous ft. James Hersey – “How Hard I Try”
Emma is working at The Grindhouse. She talks to Audrey about the Brandon James message and decides to direct message him.

BONFIRES – “Die Young”
Will returns Emma’s iPod. They reminisce about old times.

MYZICA – “Ready or Not”
Riley and Noah discuss their scene for class. They decide to do a romantic scene.

Wet – “You’re the Best”
A blindfolded Riley is led by Noah into Nightmare Level Comics & Collectibles. Noah shows Riley where he works. They discuss video games and kiss.

Natalie Taylor – “No One Knows”
Riley and Noah are making out and about to have sex when Riley receives a text from Tyler.

Labyrinth Ear – “Snow White”
Emma, Riley, Jake, Will and Brooke discuss the mysterious texts and decide to go to the police.

Gold Plated – “Dance All Night”
A janitor listening to a walkman, doesn’t hear Riley banging on the skylight for help.

Japanese Wallpaper ft. Airling – “Forces”
Brooke becomes bored waiting for her booty call at a hotel. She checks her phone to find she’s missed a lot of calls.

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