Music from Scream: Season 1, Episode 2

Featured Artist: Oh Wonder


Ruelle – “Monsters”
Rachel checks her social media then gets a call from Audrey.

KOVAS – “Ready”
Emma listens to a podcast. Brooke and Riley join her in the GW High School parking lot.

BF/GF – “Lose Control”
Will confirms that Jake has gotten rid of any cyber connection to Nina. Jake finds “doosh” painted on the side of his truck.

Oh Wonder – “Shark”
Noah displays his lack of game while talking to Riley at school.

Bertie Blackman – “Kingdom Of Alone”
Emma meets Piper while working at The Grindhouse.

Fleurie – “There’s A Ghost”
Audrey makes a memorial video for Rachel.

The DNC ft. Yoni – “Superfly”
Fans arrive at the GW High School gym for the basketball game. Rivals hold up a “Murderville” sign.

The DNC – “Step On It”
The basketball game is in full swing.

Juliette Commagère – “How I Look For You”
Emma is home alone when the security alarm goes off.

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