Music from Savage U Episode 7 Season 1


Featured Artist: The Narrative

Migrant Kids – Tommy Pays The Rent     

 (scene: Dan and Lauren answering questions in the car)

 New Cassettes – Monument      

 (Theme Song)

 New Cassettes  – I’m Always Right           

 (scene: Dan and Lauren driving into Rhodes)

 Ashes in the Atmosphere – Jumper        

 (scene: Dan and Lauren talking about rooting for your exes)

 Beth Thornley – You’re So Pony

 (scene: Dan and Lauren asking students if Rhodes has a nickname)

 The Narrative – The Moment That It Stops           

 (scene: Dan and Lauren talking to Alllison about strong sexual bonds)

 New Cassettes – Walk, Run , Walk           

 (scene: End of the conversation between Dan, Lauren and Allison)

 Army of Freshmen – Song Away From You           

 (scene: End of the conversation between Dan, Lauren and the sorority girls)

National Skyline– One By One   

(scene: End of the conversation between Dan and Allison)

End Roulette  – October Airwaves            

(scene: Dan telling Marquis what makes sex exciting)

Lousy Robot – Perfectly Confused           

(scene: Dan and Lauren driving off campus saying goodbye to Rhodes)

New Cassettes  – Drunk & Underwater 

(scene: Status Update)

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