Music from Real World St Thomas Season Premiere

Featured Artist: Katie Herzig

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All Mankind “This Is A Miracle” – Free Download (right click to save)

Stealing Signs “Write This Down” – Free Download (right click to save)

Ruth “Life Is Just A Dream” – Free Download (right click to save)

Real World St ThomasAirdate: June 27, 2012

Ruth – My One And Only

(scene: Marie’s introduction)

See Green – Get What I Want

(scene: Latoya’s introduction)

Katie Herzig – Best Day of Your Life

(scene: Latoya, Trey, Robb, and Marie find out where they’ll be living for the next three months)

All Mankind – This Is A Miracle

(scene: Graphic of a map from United States mainland to St. Thomas)

Crystal Fighters – At Home

(scene: Laura, Brandon, and Swift ride a boat to their new house)

Heavy Young Heathens – The Grave

(scene: Brandon explains to Swift and Laura why he doesn’t drink hard liquor)

Stealing Signs – Write This Down

(scene: Marie and Robb see their house for the first time as they arrive on the boat)

Kari Kimmel – Brand New Day

(scene: Latoya and Trey ride the boat to their new house, and they see it for the first time)

KU – Beautiful Day

(scene: The roommates enjoy their pool)

Ruth – Life Is Just A Dream

(scene: Brandon flirts with Laura, but Laura flirts with Trey)

White Light Riot – Becoming The Villian

(scene: Brandon begins to drink when he sees Laura and Trey flirting)

Tan Vampires – I Can Hear Them In The Dark

(scene: Brandon writes a sad journal entry while Marie and Robb bond, Laura and Trey bond, and Latoya and Swift bond)

Back Pocket Memory – Shining Light

(scene: Brandon explains to Trey that he has a crush on Laura)

Jonny Polonsky – Something To Believe In

(scene: Trey calms Brandon down and explains that he can talk to him about anything, any time)

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