Music from Real World St Thomas Episode 8

Featured Artist: Charlie

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Real World St Thomas – Airdate: August 15, 2012

Charlie – Sunrayz

(scene: Montage of the island in the morning. Brandon, Latoya, and Marie fly a kite)

Stepdad – Exploring

(scene: Filippo takes the roommates on a tour of the island)

Nikki Lynette – Love U Crazy

(scene: Marie, Latoya, and Laura visit a sex shop.  Marie tries on pheromone perfume to attract Filippo)

New Cassettes – Yeah

(scene: Marie flirts with Mike at Epernay, even though she’s there with Robb)

Jessie Chambers – Can’t Deny You

(scene: Marie and Robb take the boat back to the island.  Marie is very drunk and rowdy, and Robb tells her to calm down)

Heavy Young Heathens – Whatever It Takes

(scene: Marie passes out drunk at home, Robb and Brandon go outside to talk)

Lee Hester – Fireball

(scene: Robb tells Brandon he wishes someone cared about him, and Brandon tells him he needs to learn to care about himself first. Robb begs Brandon to punch him, but Brandon refuses)

Maria Isa – Going Out

(scene: Robb, Laura, Marie, and Brandon arrive at Senor Frogs)

Doomtree – Little Mercy

(scene: Brandon and Trey discuss their concern over Robb hurting himself, and that Robb lets Marie walk all over him)

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