Music from Real World St Thomas Episode 7

Featured Artist: Stephanie Mabey 

Real World St Thomas – Airdate: August 8, 2012

Chris Nathan – Someone I Used To Know

(scene: Robb and Marie discuss Emily and Max visiting soon)

Erphaan Alves – On D Spot

(scene: Swift, Laura, and Latoya go to a club to dance, while Trey stays home and sits by himself)

Toy Connor – Be In Love Tonight

(scene: Laura, Marie, and Latoya, and Swift celebrate “Ladies Night” by going to a bar to drink and dance.  Laura dances with a local boy while her three rooommates cheer her on)

N.E.P.H.E.W. – Nephgroove

(scene: Marie tells Trey and Robb that Laura talked to a local boy at the bar that night, which upsets Trey)

NO – The Long Haul

(scene: Trey confronts Laura about dancing and flirting with a local boy that night.  She tells Trey she wasn’t planning on calling the local boy, despite him giving her his number.  Outside, Marie and Swift fight, but Robb interferes)

Bravestation – Marble Sky

(scene: Montage of the rainy day)

The Working Title – Darkness

(scene: Robb tells Emily he doesn’t want her to visit.  She doesn’t take the news well)

Paper Arrows – Yesterday’s Light

(scene: Marie comes home and brings Robb dinner, and then he tells her that he told Emily not to visit)

Delorentos – Care For

(scene: Montage of the roommates leaving Coral World and coming home)

The Zax – Summer Girls

(scene: Laura and Latoya go to a bar, and they run into Laura’s local boy

Schoolboy – Daydreamer

(scene: Laura dances with Trey and tells him that the local boy she danced with is there.  Trey yells at him and wonders why Laura pointed him out in the first place. Trey storms out angry)

Maggie McClure – The Girl You Want To Be

(scene: Trey and Laura go outside to talk about their fight. Laura apologizes for pointing out the local boy and Trey calls her a bad girl)

Stephanie Mabey – Villain

(scene: Marie tells Robb that Max will still be visiting, even when Robb tells her that she’s the only person he wants)

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