Music from Real World St Thomas Episode 6

Featured Artist: New Cassettes

Real World St Thomas – Airdate: August 1, 2012

Shane Harper – One Step Closer

(scene: Marie and Robb wake up together and then go swimming, where they make out in the pool)

The Heart Strings – Good Times Are Coming For To Get You

(scene: The roommates fly to St. Croix)

Fusion Band – Hands Up!

(scene: The roommates watch Moko Jumbies dance in St. Croix)

Super Jigga TC – Super Wuk

(scene: The roommates dance in the St. Croix St. Patrick’s Day parade)

EchoVox – Feel The Pressure

(scene: Brandon tries to resist the urge to drink while hanging out with Marie and Robb on St. Patrick’s Day)

The Tossers – Whiskey Makes Me Crazy

(scene: The roommates dance in St. Croix to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day)

The Beat Geeks – Bass Turnt Up

(scene: The roommates get ready and then go to a club to dance)

The Projection – Always Remember

(scene: Marie asks Robb if she’s better than Emily, his girl back home, and he tells her she is)

New Cassettes – The Art Of

(scene: Trey gets jealous as Laura talks to two local boys outside the bar)

Suzi Oravec – Let Our Love Burn

(scene: Laura is upset that Trey was so jealous that she talked to two local boys)

We Shot The Moon – Angles

(scene: Trey talks to Chelsea (his girl back home) on the phone about a problem she’s having back home, but she doesn’t want to discuss the details, which upsets him)

What’s Fair – Fill The Space

(scene: Laura tells Trey that she wishes it wasn’t so difficult to choose between her and Chelsea)

Idealist – Heartbreak

(scene: Marie decides she’s not going to let Robb play her with Emily, so she invites Max to the house to make Robb jealous)

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