Music from Real World St Thomas Episode 5

Featured Artist: Hannah Georgas

Real World St Thomas – Airdate: July 25, 2012

Lee Hester – One

(scene: Latoya, Laura, and Marie board the boat back to their island, where they meet Rikky, the boat captain’s son, and Latoya falls in love)

Mikey Wax – You Tell Me When

(scene: Brandon cleans his room and prepares for his date to come over.  Robb tells him to have fun)

Rags & Ribbons – We Have Been Here Before

(scene: The roommates decide to go out to a bar when Brandon gets stood up by his date)

Sydney Wayser – Dream It Up

(scene: The roommates ride the boat to their new job)

Nushu – Here’s To Feeling Free

(scene: The roommates attend orientation for their new job at Coral World)

Hannah Georgas – Chit Chat

(scene: The roommates are given their Coral World job assignments)

The Como Brothers Band – Can I Be Matched With You?

(scene: Latoya flirts with Rikky, the boat captain’s son, over a game of catch)

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