Music from Real World St Thomas Episode 3

Featured Artist: All Smiles

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All Smiles “You’re On Fire” – Free Download (right click to save)

The Midi Mafia “Sparks” – Free Download (right click to save)

Real World St Thomas – Airdate: July 11, 2012

The Regiments – You And Me

(scene: Rob and Marie play pool, Trey and Laura take a walk, Latoya and Swift play fight, and Brandon tans by himself)

KBCK – Hava Good Time

(scene: Marie and Latoya ride the boat to the mainland to go shopping)

All Smiles – You’re On Fire

(scene: Trey talks to Chelsea, his girl at home, about how he doesn’t want to hurt her, but that Laura comes on to him and it’s difficult to avoid)

Melody Cross (feat. Mr. Robotic) – Body Language

(scene: The roommates go to a bar, where Marie proceeds to get trashed and upset about Robb’s girl at home)

Girls Love Shoes – Bad Girl

(scene: The roommates come home, and Marie busts her lip open when she drunkenly falls)

Liptease – Ooh Ai

(scene: The roommates go to a bar, where Marie hits on a local boy, which confuses Robb)

The Midi Mafia – Sparks

(scene: Trey and Laura hook up for the first time)

Quiet Corral – Fly Bird, Fly

(scene: Laura and Trey flirt by the water)

Modern Condition – Outerspace

(scene: The roommates go to a bar, but Robb leaves to go home early)

Katie Herzig – Midnight Serenade

(scene: Robb and Marie make up and then go to bed together, where they make out)

Mustard Pimp – Wide Eyes

(scene: Laura grooms Trey’s back, and Brandon is disgusted watching them)

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