Music from Real World St Thomas Episode 2

Featured Artist: Best Coast

Real World St Thomas – Airdate: July 4, 2012

Best Coast – The Only Place

(scene: Montage of the roommates enjoying the ocean)

Katie Herzig – Midnight Serenade

(scene: Laura tells Trey she likes him, and then they kiss on the ferris wheel)

Lilly Wolf – Play The Game

(scene: The roommates go to a club to dance and drink.  Trey and Laura make out)

Ten West – Up And Down

(scene: Robb gets into bed with Marie because he’s really drunk and disoriented)

Ali Spagnola – I Want More

(scene: Trey and Laura dance and make out)

The After Party – Hey Little Miss

(scene: Brandon dances with a local girl at the club)

The Avenues – Hold Me

(scene: Swift and Latoya have a pillow fight, while Laura gives Trey a massage)

Back Pocket Memory – The Greatest Divide

(scene: Robb and Brandon go kayaking, as Trey and Swift cheer them on.  Brandon loves that he’s kayaking faster than athletic Robb)

Perrin Lamb – Sometimes The Night

(scene: Robb and Marie tell each other they like each other over drinks and dinner.  Robb wonders if she really likes him or if she’s just being flirty)

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