Music from Real World St Thomas Episode 11

Featured Artist: Shane Alexander


Real World St Thomas – Airdate: September 5, 2012

Precision Productions – 3Zero Riddim

(scene: A local man tells Brandon that he needs to have fun during Carnival, and they take a shot together)

Mimi Page – Black Valentine

(scene: Trey tells Chelsea that he’s slept with Laura recently, and she breaks up with him on the phone.  He says he messed up big time, and asks her to come visit)

Future People – Science of God

(scene: A producer tells the roommates that it’s drug test time, and then tells Brandon that he has cocaine in his system)

KBCK – Just Go

(scene: Trey and Chelsea hang out in Chelsea’s hotel room)

Charles Newman – Shadow

(scene: Marie and Latoya go for a hike in the woods behind their house)

Spectrum Band – Relationship Gone Bad

(scene: Trey and Chelsea walk around Carnival)

Talisker Skye – The Fear

(scene: Chelsea and Trey have a fight, and she tells him to leave)

Mandrew – Let’s Run Away

(scene: Marie and Latoya finish their hike and make it back to the boat)

Act As If – Alright My Love

(scene: Brandon lays on the couch and thinks about the phone conversation he just had about using cocaine)

Stepdad – Star Friends On Earth

(scene: The roommates go out to celebrate Brandon’s last night in St. Thomas)

Shane Alexander – Keep You In Mind

(scene: Brandon finishes packing, says his goodbyes, and leaves the island for the last time)

Andy Mac – Good Day

(scene: Trey says goodbye to Chelsea, and that he hopes she’ll be waiting for him when he gets home)

California Wives – Blood Red Youth  – check out an exclusive download [here]

(scene: The roommates ride a speedboat)

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