Music from Real World St Thomas Episode 10

Featured Artist: Just Kait

Real World St Thomas – Airdate: August 29, 2012

Cathy Heller – The Sunshine Is Callin’ Me

(scene: The roommates are camping on the beach and enjoying the ocean and the sun)

Melpo Mene – I’m Barking

(scene: Trey and Laura order Subway, and marie and Latoya go to lunch at Fat Turtle)

The Sheepdogs – The Way It Is

(scene: Brandon meets a local girl at a bar and tells her he doesn’t drink.  He has a hard time resisting alcohol under her bad influence)

Just Kait – Goodbye Go Go

(scene: Marie meets Max at Fat Turtle)

Passafire – Dimming Sky

(scene: Marie’s grandmother calls her to wish her a happy Easter, and Brandon’s local girl, Kyndra, visits the house)

Girls Love Shoes – Bad Girl

(scene: Brandon goes to a liquor store with Kyndra.  He buys liquor, despite telling Kyndra and himself that his roommates will kill him)

California Lions – Association Home

(scene: Brandon confesses that he is embarrassed about drinking last night)

DWNTWN – Believe Me

(scene: Marie and Robb talk outside the club, and she tells him that Max is weird, They leave together.  The next morning at Coral World, Robb asks Marie for a massage)

Ruston Kelly – I Only Want You

(scene: Marie tells Robb that she was so nice to him last night because Max was there, and she wanted Robb to know where her head was in the situation)

Jessie Chambers (feat. Que) – Just Wanna Kick It

(scene: Marie and Robb hang out at Carnival, where she admits that she loves him.  Meanwhile, Swift and Max play carnival games together)

California Wives – Tokyo

(scene: Latoya and Marie make up after their Max argument)

Precision Productions – Burdz Riddim

(scene: The roommates hang out at Senor Frogs, where Brandon decides he’d like to continue drinking.  He takes shots with local girls)

Night Verses – I’ve Lost My Way Back Down

(scene: Brandon takes shot after shot and then leads a conga line around Senor Frogs.  He tells himself he’ll keep his drinking in moderation)

The Scene Aesthetic – Never Gonna Let This Go

(scene: Marie and Robb kiss and play in the rain)

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